• Located where the unique blue and the magnificent green of the Mediterranean meet, Eldar Resort Hotel stands out with its All-Inclusive concept. Featuring modern and luxurious architecture, Eldar Resort Hotel comprises a single 4-storey building. Opened on May 19, 2011, the property continues to enhance its service quality each day.

    Located in Göynük region of Kemer, just 300 metres from the sea, Eldar Resort Hotel opens the doors to a unique holiday with its private beach. Offering a holiday where every moment is filled with joy,

    Eldar Resort Hotel has a total of 171 rooms, including 19 Corner rooms, 150 Standard rooms, and 2 accessible rooms. The property features 2 panoramic lifts, 1 regular lift, and 1 service lift.

    The property is located 8 km from Kemer centre, 1 km from Göynük centre, 48 km from Antalya Airport, and 300 metres from its private beach

  • Göynük is a town in the Kemer district of Antalya, Türkiye. With its Blue Flag sea and natural beauty, it is a popular tourist destination. The town is 9 km from the district centre and 35 km from the city centre.


    The known history of the region, inhabited by the Lycians for 1600 years, dates back to 690 BC. The establishment of the ancient city of Phaselis also coincides with this period. The area weakened under Arab invasions in the 7th century, after which it came under the control of the Anatolian people.

    The name Göynük, in the Luwian and Etruscan languages, means "the fertile plain by the river at the point where the blue sky meets the blue". The French ship Paris 2, which sank near Antalya-Kemer in 1917, is now considered one of the world's top 100 shipwrecks. It was sunk by a Turkish officer, Mustafa Ertuğrul, and has been featured in many international magazines as one of the best diving spots in the world.

    If you're planning a dive during your holiday in Antalya, it definitely should be the Paris Wreck. That is, of course, if you are a good diver... The wreck is located about 1.5 kilometres off Kemer Marina. Those who dive in the area remain mesmerised by the Paris Wreck for a long time. This captivating underwater journey will transport you to a different atmosphere. Don't forget to visit the region's natural and historical sites during your holiday in Antalya. You should add to your itinerary places such as Suluin Cave, the magnificent view of Dim Creek, the ancient walls of Alara Castle, and the exquisite beauty of Oymapınar Lake.

    One of Kemer's natural caves is Molla Deliği Cave. Located east of Mount Tahtalı, it is frequently visited by tourists throughout the year. You can reach Molla Deliği Cave with a 4-hour hike from Kuzdere or Beycik. No tourist has ever reached the end of the cave. It is said there is a pond at the end. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but we are sure it will be an impressive journey for you.